FHT's commitment to sustainability

The COVID-19 outbreak has had far-reaching impact on economies, businesses and people on an unprecedented scale. With international travel largely in a standstill due to exceptional lockdown measures and border closures imposed by governments of a great number of countries, the last 9 months have been most challenging for the hospitality industry and for FHT.

Notwithstanding, we continue to focus on key areas of sustainability including carbon and energy, waste and recycling, and building certifications. We have also worked alongside our hotel and serviced residence operators, business partners, employees and other key stakeholders to promote good ESG practices and create shared value. In many ways, our commitment to sustainability has been reinforced as we took this opportunity to review our approach and accelerate our efforts.

We are cognizant of the shift in customer preferences and expectations on how businesses should operate. We recognise the need to respond swiftly and proactively to this shift and operate a greener, more sustainable business in order for FHT to remain competitive and viable in the long-term.

Together with Frasers Property, we have strengthened our sustainability strategy and set our goal to achieve carbon neutral status by 2050. Work plans and timelines for priority areas have been developed to set us focused on realising our goal.

FHT’s sustainability agenda is executed by the Sustainability Task Force comprising the management team of the REIT Manager. The Board, supported by the Sustainability Task Force, reviews ESG issues of priority to FHT and oversees the management and monitoring of our ESG performance pertaining to these issues.

FHT’s Sustainability Report is now in its 6th instalment and we invite you to read on to find out more about our sustainability progress in 2020. We would like to extend our appreciation to those who have been together with us on this journey and we look forward to sharing our future achievements with you.


Board of Directors
Frasers Hospitality Asset Management Pte. Ltd.
REIT Manager of Frasers Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust

Frasers Hospitality Trust Management Pte. Ltd.
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FHT's sustainability reports

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